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Circulation Statistics
September - 9,783
October - 9,581
November - 9,424
December - 2,893 (in school for 2 weeks)
January - 7,838

Top 3 Homerooms:
Mrs. Branyon's 3rd Grade Class
Ms. Chatman's 4th Grade Class
Ms. Newton's 3rd Grade Class
Announcements and Events!
*Make sure to return any overdue books. Teachers were given a list of these to check in classrooms.

*Next Book Fair - March 5 - 9
Accelerated Reader Statistics
8,265.4 points earned
85.3 avg percent correct

Top point earning classes:
Ms. Chatman's 4th Grade Class - 746pts
Mrs. Hendrix's 4th Grade Class - 437 pts
Mrs. Martin's 4th Grade Class - 364 pts
Accelerated Reader Information
*Each 9 weeks, students are given an individual goal in A.R. based on their reading level as determined by the STAR test.
*Students read books and take tests on these books to earn points towards their goals.
*Each 9 weeks, students who meet their goals are rewarded.
*At the end of the school year, students who meet their goals ALL YEAR (each 9 weeks) will be rewarded with a fun field trip.
-- Students must also maintain an average of 85% correct or higher --