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Lincoln Elementary School Library

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Mrs. Karin Woodruff is the Library Media Specialist at L.E.S.  The L.E.S. Media Center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday - Friday, during the school year.

The L.E.S. Media Center operates on flexible scheduling.  Flexible scheduling allows the use of the Media Center at the point of need by individuals, groups, and / or classes.  Individuals and small groups may use the Media Center as often as necessary for research, checkout, and reading.

 During the 2013-2014 school year, each class will have a scheduled time to come to the library each week. We will use this time for students and teachers to choose "just right" books, to conference about their reading and to read for enjoyment, as well as for lessons on specific library media skills.


Information about the L.E.S. Media Center:

* There are over 15,000 books in our collection.

* There are 9 fully networked computers in the Media Center for research and other applications.  These workstations provide access to Destiny (the library automation program), Accelerated Reader, the Alabama Virtual Library, and filtered access to the Internet.

* Our new media center also features state-of-the-art technology using a Smartboard, an Elmo and 3 flat-screen televisions.

* The Media Center subscribes to the following magazines for students: Jack and Jill, Kids Discover, Owl, Ranger Rick, Sports Illustrated for Kids, US Kids, and Your Big Back Yard.

* Our school has access to ALL Accelerated Reader tests through the Accelerated Reader Enterprise Program.

Library Rules
Respect Yourself -
*Always bring needed materials to the library, including your BEAR book, when checking out books, doing research, or working in small groups.
*Walk quietly in the halls to and from the library.
Respect Others -
*The library is a QUIET place.  There may be other students reading or working at any time.
*If the stop sign is on the door, the library is closed.  Please come back later.
Respect Property -
*Books and other materials you check out are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!  Always take excellent care of them.
*Always ask for permission before using the computers or looking for books on shelves other than A.R.
Inability to follow the rules will result in loss of library privileges for a period of time determined by teacher and media specialist.